On The Day

What are the group sizes? We offer the ability to book as individuals, couples, families or in groups. You can join in with others or have your own bespoke walk. Maximum group size does apply which is normally 8.
How does the weather impact on my day? The weather in the Wolds is usually drier than in most parts of the UK, but like all areas can be unpredictable. Temperatures are generally on a par with the rest of southern England, rather than the chills of other higher upland areas in England. As with all hilly areas they can be exposed and therefore winds can be blustery which in turn drops temperatures a degree or two.
How do I get to the starting point? LWW will either meet you there at an agreed time or will collect you from your hotel or other suitable location and take you there and bring you back (subject to numbers)

About You
What kind of level of health do I need to be in? Walking is a good way of getting or staying healthy so a high level of fitness is not required. It is however incumbent upon participants to inform LWW of any known personal health issues at time of booking and at commencement of walk. Full details can be found in ‘terms and conditions’.
Can the whole of my family come? Tony is happy to take families (see terms and conditions for full details) as he believes that we should be encouraging children to learn about, and enjoy the countryside. Quizzes and scavenger hunts are used to engage the children and if they are good they may even get a sing-song along the way.
Can you book my accomodation? LWW does not book accomodation but a range of accomodation options are available from the Intereting links page.
Can I bring my dog? Tony loves dogs and often takes his own English Springer Spaniel, Oscar out walking with him. However LWW regret that for the convenience of all members of the group dogs cannot be brought on our group walks unless LWW have agreed to this by prior arrangement.  If you are making a booking for just yourself or with partner or family then it is far more likely that LWW will accept your dog providing you take full responsibility for it and keep your dog under close control whenever required to do so. 

Equipment and Clothing
Generally specialist outdoor clothing is not required for the Wolds, however the following tips are well worth following, and will depend of the season. If in doubt, please phone to discuss, as you don’t need to spend lots of money just to go walking and we can advise as appropriate.
What shoes should I wear? A good pair of trainers would be a minimum requirement.
What kind of clothes should I wear? The area is a quite dry part of the country but English weather is known to be unreliable at the best of times, so a waterproof packed in a small rucksack would be beneficial at most times of year. In terms of trousers demin will get heavy and cold if wet so they are not advisable. Lightweight trousers are best. Shorts are fine in summer, but sometimes the paths can get chocked with weeds so long trousers overcomes any problems that may arise with regards to getting stings. I always advise having layers of T shirt and jumper as it gives you flexibility should it get or particularly hot or cold. Various types of hat can be worn to keep warm in winter or to protect from sun in he summer and gloves are required when the temperature is cooler
What food and drink should I bring? Water is important to avoid dehydration. About 1 litre should be sufficient depending on temperature and duration of walk. This ought to be carried in a rucksack or similar so as to keep your hands free. Snacks and munchies are an ideal form of food for walking. More substantial food should be carried for full days walking

What is your cancellation policy? Please see our terms and conditions
Has a risk assesment been done? A full generic risk assessment has been carried out for all walks which is available upon request. Specific risks relating to any particular walk are assessed by Tony continuously as the walk progresses
Are you qualified in first aid? First aid? Tony has a First Reponse qualification, has completed the '1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work' course and always carries a first aid kit for use in emergency.
Does the price include insurance? Tony Groom holds public liability insurance but participants will need to consider if they require their own insurance to cover personal accidents or cancellation.

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