Possibly one of the less famous of the UK’s Wolds, the Lincolnshire Wolds offer the visitor a quiet, vast landscape full of wildlife and natural beauties to explore. With the help of Lincs Wold Walking (LWW) you can explore with a friendly guide who knows its intricacies, gems and spectacular viewpoints that will have you reaching for your camera every second.

New and exclusive to Lincs Wold Walking – utitlise Tony’s knowledge of the Wolds and download his new self-guided walks. The routes have been carefully planned and mapped out to make your walking experience stress free and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re seeing the best the area has to offer.

Started in early 2012, Tony created LWW as he wanted to get out there and share his love of the Wolds with people of all ages. He understands that planning a walk can be daunting and even more the thought of getting lost! With Lincs Wold Walking you can enjoy your very own personalised guided walk with good company, a knowledgeable and experienced guide and at your own pace.

As a small local company Lincs Wold Walking can offer a personal, tailored walk which will make your experience even more memorable. You can book your own private walk as individuals, couples, families or groups or perhaps meet some new people and join a small open group walk with like-minded people. Tony also offers free optional bonus features – perhaps you want to learn about the history of the area, develop your map reading and navigating skills up to scratch or push yourself to a long all day endurance walk. Tony can also advise on other exciting things to do in and around the Lincolnshire Wolds and recommend accommodation too.

Please browse our website to discover the possibilities that Lincs Wold Walking offers and if you like what you see please get in touch with Tony via the Contact Us page. We would look forward to exploring the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is the Lincolnshire Wolds with you!