LWW offer a range of walks and packages intended to appeal to the widest range of people. Each walk is designed with YOU in mind. This is why each walk is carefully selected for you once we know where you would like to walk and the length and type of walk you require. You might be new to walking or the area and want to try it out to see how you get on, or you might wish to explore the Wolds further or perhaps meet new people. You might want a half day, an evening, a full day or a series of walks over a week or even a whole weeks walking. LWW will provide you with what YOU want.

To help Tony plan your needs he has devised a range of walking plans so he can get an inital idea on what kind of walk you would like when booking.

Plan 1 – Family walks and tasters
These walks are designed to wet participant’s appetite for walking in the Wold by taking part in a gentle walk in the countryside. You may be just visiting for a short break in the area and wish to explore the Wold on foot for a half day or day

Plan 2 – Explorers
These walks will enable you to get to know the Wolds. You may be more adventurous in your walking having walked previously either in the Wolds or other areas, but you also want to do other activities and visits whilst staying in the area

Plan 3 – Walking holiday
These walks are may be progressive in their nature or they could be linked via a theme, area or geography. It may be that you wish to explore the concept of a walking holiday, but are unsure if you can cope with consecutive days so have decided to try it in the Lincolnshire Wolds as your research has informed you that they are not physically demanding, or you have walked in other areas and have heard about the Lincolnshire Wolds and want to see for yourself.